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Terms and conditions for services purchased post-booking

These terms and conditions for services purchased post-booking (“Post Booking Terms”) apply between you (“You”) and au.gotogate.com (“We” or “Us”) in addition to the general terms and conditions of your original reservation (“T&C’s”), which are incorporated herein by reference. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these Post Booking Terms and the T&C’s, the latter shall prevail.

  1. Post Booking Changes
    1. We offer You changes and additions to Your flight booking, including for example: Rebooking, name change, seating reservation, additional baggage, additional flight meals, addition of infant ticket and other airline ancillary services (each a “Post-booking Change”). The offers vary and are depending on Your specific booking and airline. A Post-booking Change to Your flight booking is subject to the fare rules and terms and conditions of the respective airline. You may also contact the airline directly for changes and additions.
    2. The total price for your requested Post-booking Change is specified in the payment link received from Us. The total price includes the airline fee(s), our handling fee and our service fee (if applicable, ref. section 2).
    3. Your Post-booking Change is performed after We receive your payment and is subject to availability. If the airline fee changes before the contract between You and the airline has become binding, or if the requested Post-Booking Change is unavailable, the contract with the airline will not enter into force if You do not accept such increased airline fee. In such case Your payment will be refunded. A Post-Booking Change is only completed once We have confirmed it by e-mail. If You do not receive a confirmation, please contact our customer service.
  2. Personal Service
    1. If You have not purchased a Support Package at the time of Your flight ticket reservation, a one-time fee applies when requesting any manual assistance relating to Your flight booking, via phone or e-mail. The fee is specified in the payment link received from Us.
    2. The fee for personal service is non-refundable. For the avoidance of doubt, the latter also applies should You choose to cancel your ticket reservation, or should our assistance not result in a confirmed change (due to for example, without limitation, non-confirmation by the airline or no available alternatives for rebooking).
  3. Travel documents via regular post
    1. Your travel documents are sent by regular post (not registered letter) after receipt of Your payment. We assume no responsibility for lost or delayed post due to fault by the postal service. You are responsible for submitting the correct postal address at the time of Your flight ticket reservation, the postal address cannot be changed.
    2. The fee covers one set of travel documents per reservation and is non-refundable. In case You need a new set of travel documents due to changes made by You or the applicable airline, an additional payment is required.
  4. Delayed Baggage service
    1. The fee for delayed baggage service is non-refundable.
    2. In addition to our provision of baggage service, including help with baggage related questions and passing on of baggage requests to the applicable airline, the service also includes help after departure from our external partner Blue Ribbon Bags, in accordance with Blue Ribbon Bags service agreement. Acting in our capacity as an intermediary, We assume no responsibility for the service performed by Blue Ribbon Bags or fulfilment of their service agreement.
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  5. Travel insurance
    1. The fee for travel insurance is non-refundable.
    2. The travel insurance is provided by Solid Försäkring. Acting in our capacity as an intermediary, We assume no responsibility for the service performed by Solid Försäkring or fulfilment of their terms and conditions.
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  6. Mobile Travel Plan
    1. The fee for mobile travel plan is non-refundable. The phone number provided by You cannot be changed after purchase.